Wednesday, 20. February 2019
CORRO trading GmbH

You buy used or refurbished ICT hardware? 

We can be your ideal and reliable partner with a consistent deal flow!

CORRO offers
  • Worldwide coverage: We sell worldwide and also support your transport and logistical requirements

  • Huge equipment portfolio: PCs, Workstations, Notebooks, Monitors, Printing equipment, Smartphones, POS and POI equipment, Networking and datacentre technology, Banking technology, Software and much more
  • Sale of components: We sell components and spare parts

  • Diversified sales channels: Wholesale, Export, E-commerce, Staff sales, Brokerage, Corporate and public purchases 

  • Individual offers: Containers, Pallets, Bulk, Refurbished or special systems configured to your needs, Contract-based partnerships

  • Sourcing on demand: Our experience enables us to locate almost any products
  • Buy from the source: Most of our stocks come directly from corporate customers and are not brokered through a chain of resellers

You always receive what we promise to deliver and we stand behind our promises.

Please contact our sales team - Let’s start negotiating our first deal today!